About Camp Agape California

Serving the Children of Incarcerated Parents

About Camp Agape California

The Team at Camp Agape California has one mission. That Mission is to reach out and give as many children of incarcerated parents as they can an opportunity to attend a 4-day Summer Camp or 4-day Winter camp every year to build positive long lasting relationships, experience spiritual, social, and relational growth, as well as prepare them for a restorative relationship with their parents upon release from jail or prison. Were you aware that the 2010 report by the Bureau of Justice states the number of minor children who have both or one of their parents incarcerated grew by 79% between the years of 1991 and 2007? There are over 292,000 children in California whose parents are incarcerated. Statistics show that the Children of incarcerated parents are five times more likely to end up in jail, than their peers. Even now as you read this more than one-third of minor children will reach the age of 18 while one or both of their parents is in prison or jail. Camp Agape California Directors Jon and Liz have a strong passion for our at-risk children. Their vision is to bring the Camp Agape model from Hawaii to California and make a positive difference in as many children and families as they can in California. We have just announced that the very first Camp Agape California will take place Memorial Day weekend, May 26 through May 29, 2017. We are currently in the process of inviting 200 local Southern California Children whose parents have been absent in their lives due to incarceration and we are inviting 300 local volunteers to join in and change the lives of these children and make a huge impact in our local communities.

If you are a caregiver or guardian of a child whose parents are absent from their lives due to incarceration you can sign them up for our kid’s camp Memorial day weekend 2017 by clicking on this Angel camper sign up link and completing the sign-up form.


In 2005, Pastor Roy Yamamoto was given a vision from The Lord Jesus to start a camp for the children of incarcerated parents.  Pastor Roy wanted to create a loving and safe environment for these children.  Pastor Roy’s heart for the children included wanting to teach the kids in a loving, safe environment and help break the pattern of incarceration in a new generation of youth.  Working together with community-focused Ministries Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship, Camp Agape Hawaii was birthed and became a 4-day Summer Camp on the Island of Oahu. Since 2005 Camp Agape Hawaii has now moved to all of the Hawaiian Islands and thousands of children, have experienced the unconditional love of their local communities and have been taught how to use the tools taught to trust, love, forgive, pray, hope and create healthy relationships. Native Californians and Camp Agape California Directors Jon and Liz bring their passion for the children of incarcerated parents home to reach out to a generation of at-risk children to let them know they are loved and valued using the same model they have learned from Pastor Roy Yamamoto and the Camp Agape Hawaii team.