A FREE 4 — day Kid’s Camp for California Children who have parents in Prison.

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Our Mission

The Purpose of Camp Agape California is to help children, who have one or both parents incarcerated, to learn how to build healthy relationships, create positive life-changing memories and experiences. Our desire is to allow our kids to be kids through fun activities and to facilitate healing and restoration by teaching and equipping them through the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, trust, forgiveness, hope and prayer.

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Disrupting the Cycle of Inter-Generational Incarceration

Through our 4-day Camp experience, these incredible children will experience spiritual, social, and relational growth, as well as prepare them for a restorative relationship with their parents upon release from jail or prison.

The Camp Agape California Camps are empowered by our generous supporters and donors who enable our team of volunteers to send the children to a four-day camp at no charge to them. Camp Agape California is fueled by a passionate team of Volunteers and committed believers who want to make a difference in the lives of these children, make positive impacts to our California communities by disrupting the pandemic of inter-generational incarceration, and facilitate breakthrough healing and growth through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

barbed wire California has the Nation’s largest women’s Prison Population. Many are single Moms with limited or no contact with their Children.

mother and child $75,000.00 is the annual cost for California to house a prisoner (LA Times). Neglecting these children will create our future prisoners.

parent serving time 292,000 Children in California have one or both parents in Prison (CRB). 50% of these Children will end up in Prison.

child speaking about journaling Our Free 4-Day kids camp is designed disrupt this cycle of inter-generational incarceration.


kids with joy laughter and hope Restoring joy, laughter and hope in the lives of these kids is what we are after!


children playing We invite you to join the movement to restore hope, joy, love and forgiveness in these precious lives of California children.


meals at camp

Camp Agape California Volunteers are a huge part of success of our Free Kid’s Camps. Our Volunteers support the entire Camp. Our volunteers also come along side our mentors and position the mentors to focus on being with the kids, provide the mentors with breaks, and make it easy on all the Camp leaders to focus on their task, and most importantly minister to the children.

Be a Mentor


The Camp Agape California mentors play a vital and key component of summer camp life. The camp mentors not only steward their groups of Campers, but the mentors also create a relationship based on trust, sincerity, love and friendship with each of the campers in their groups throughout the weekend. Are you interested in serving as a mentor at a Camp Agape?

Sponsor / Donate

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Sponsorships and Donations are an integral part of the Camp Agape California model. We simply could not help the children of incarcerated parents if it were not for the generosity of our sponsors and donors. You can sponsor a child or group of children to attend a four-day Summer Camp by clicking on the link below and making a donation.